Trusted Leadership For A Stronger America

Jeb's Plan for America.
Jeb's Plan for America.

I am the one candidate ready to be Commander-in-Chief, and the Republican who can beat Secretary Hillary Clinton and take back the White House for the Republican Party.

Trusted Leadership For A Stronger America

Seven years of failed leadership from President Obama has left America with a broken economy and created a chaotic world that is threatening our national security. The question facing Republican voters is who is the best candidate to defeat Secretary Hillary Clinton and end the Obama-era policies that have resulted in families losing thousands of dollars in income, the national debt skyrocketing by more than $8 trillion and our enemies around the world becoming emboldened and more defiant against our national interests.

I am a proven conservative reformer who will provide America with serious, steady leadership and real results. I will destroy ISIS, strengthen our military, keep our homeland safe and honor our commitments to our veterans. I will fix a broken Washington and make the federal government live within its means. My economic plans will get America to four percent growth so middle class families can get ahead again. I am the one candidate ready to be Commander-in-Chief, and the Republican who can beat Secretary Hillary Clinton and take back the White House for the Republican Party.

Rebuild our Military and Defeat ISIS

The American people are less safe because of President Obama and Secretary Hillary Clinton’s weak, “leading from behind” foreign policy. I believe in peace through strength.

We have to defeat ISIS, and I outlined the most comprehensive strategy to do that three months before the Paris attacks.  We must also confront – not just contain – Iranian aggression, and restore key alliances and partnerships, starting with Israel, our closest ally in the region. We will stand up to Putin’s Russia, and stand with Asian allies concerned about an assertive and aggressive China.

I have also laid out an extremely detailed plan to reverse the damage done by President Obama’s devastating defense cuts. A strong military is essential to the security of our children’s future, and to the special role America is called on to play in the world.

Restore Prosperity for American Families

Under my plans for pro-growth tax reform and cutting red tape, Americans will see their take-home pay increase by $5,200 over the next decade.

We will also lower expenses. By repealing and replacing ObamaCare, American families will save about $1,400 per year on health insurance. By getting Washington out of the way of American energy production, families will save $300 a year on gas and electricity. By shifting power from the federal government to states and families in education, our public school systems will improve, and college tuition will fall for the first time in decades.

Combining this extra $5,200 of income and $1,700 of lower expenses, families will have an additional $6,900 per year to enjoy together or save for the future, with even more savings if they have a child in college.

Reform Washington

The American people know that Washington, DC isn’t working. I have outlined a long list of specific reforms to change the culture of DC, just like I did in Tallahassee as governor. For example, Members of Congress will not get paid if they do not show up for work, and they won’t be able to lobby for six years after leaving office, in order to reduce the influence of special interests.

I will also shift power out of Washington DC, empowering you instead of government bureaucrats. If you are a veteran, you will be able to choose between going to your current Veterans Affairs hospital or a private hospital of your choice. If you are a senior, you will be able to continue with Medicare as is or choose private insurance you like better. If you are a middle class American without employer health insurance, you will be able to choose the insurance plan that works best for you. If you are a parent, you will be able to choose educational options that work for you. By requiring Washington to actually compete for your business, we will force government to work better.

Trusted Leadership For A Stronger America