The unexpected always happens: Mr. Trump never ceases to amaze us

Donald Trump está en sus últimos días como presidente. / Twitter.
Donald Trump.

The outgoing president has settled from the first moment in "his reality", a parallel reality that has nothing to do with the truth, with an abrupt, superficial and full of falsehoods language.

The unexpected always happens: Mr. Trump never ceases to amaze us

On the election night of the presidents of the United States, when the electoral votes approach 270 the outgoing president has called (that night or the day that reaches 270) the incoming president to congratulate him: all of them except the current Mr. Trump.

In this case, not only does he not congratulate the winner, but on election night he declares that he has won the elections, he denounces an imaginary fraud. He says: "There is a plan to steal votes, we will not let it." It considers illegal the votes arrived by mail- "If you count the legal votes I easily win." Without evidence, he accuses Joe Biden of trying to steal the elections with the mail of the illegal votes (according to him those that arrived after the closed polls) and warns that he will go to the Supreme Court.

The outgoing president does nothing more than follow the line that he began upon his arrival at the White House: a histrionic, bravado style, deceiving the workers (disenchanted with the system) whom he claims to defend, compulsively lying (22,247 lies records the newspaper The Washington Post).

For the outgoing president, normality is the continuous and brutal insult, as when he fired his adviser Omntarosa Manigault, he called her: -crazy, obsequious, scum-

Mr. Trump is the son of immigrants: his Scottish mother came to the United States with $ 50 in her pocket. His father, Fred Trump, a German who got rich building houses in New York City. Donald Trump is a vociferous bully who made a career out of his father's inherited businesses and his performances on reality TV shows. Who knows him very well is his niece Mary Trump, with studies in psychology, who has written the book: "Too much and never enough." Where she leaves a list of very curious opinions. It says among other things: -Trump has never won anything legitimately, even someone showed up to take his exam for college entrance. Believe that stealing and cheating to win, you deserve to win. -Trump will never recover from defeat. Enraged by it, he will have crisis after crisis. He is not going to give in and take revenge by breaking things. He will do nothing in the last days that he has left to counter the coronavirus. He will delegitimize the new administration, he will approve unusual pardons, it is like saying that he will die by killing. And it seems that he is right: revenge comes from a person who does not know how to lose, does not admit to being a loser, does not accept defeat and barricades himself in the White House. Upon learning of his defeat, he has blamed the company Pfizer and the FDA (Food and Drug Administration, of the government) for not announcing the discovery of the vaccine beforehand.  He claims that due to the fact the government financed Pfizer to help distribute the vaccine, he should  be part of the discovery. .However, Pfizer has denied such a claim. He outrightly fired his defense secretary Mark Esper for speaking out against him, using the army against popular revolts. He has also dismissed several soldiers such as James Anderson or the retired Admiral Joseph Kerman and in their places has appointed active or retired members of the extreme right, such as Christopher Miller, Kash Patel, AnthonyTata Ezra, Cohen Watnick, Douglas Mcgregor. It appears that Trump orders them to withdraw forces from Afghanistan and Iraq before the end of the year. Some analysts believe that Trump is putting loyalists that, come January 20, will allow him to continue in power. Mr. Trump's actions do not make him look like an outgoing president.  Just the contrary, he is fleeing toward the future. @mundiario

The unexpected always happens: Mr. Trump never ceases to amaze us